Terms & Conditions

Booking contract

By LODGE Berlin´s confirmation of the guest´s booking a valid accommodation contract (reservation) becomes effective.
This confirmation of the reservation is conducted in writing, usually via email, through LODGE Berlin. For reservations at short notice the verbal booking is binding.


The prices are exclusively the city tax of Berlin that has to be payed additionally in cash upon arrival.

LODGE Berlin is committed to provide accommodation of the same category as agreed upon in reservation.
LODGE Berlin reserves the right to change apartments or rooms within the same category. A claim to one particular apartment or room only exists when explicitly agreed upon. The guest is obliged to change room or apartment of the same category during their stay if requested by LODGE Berlin.
Prices for accommodation of LODGE Berlin are quoted per night and are dependent on the number of persons. They cover utilization of the apartment and it´s equipment as well as the consumption of cold and warm water, heating, electricity and gas for cooking. Bedclothes, one towel and the final cleaning are included.


The guest is obliged to pay the overall sum for the accommodation as agreed latest in cash at arrival.
In individual cases, it can be arranged that the appointed entire sum or a part of it can be transferred into the bank account of LODGE Berlin. In that case, the sum has to be in the account before the arrival day.

Security Deposit

With conclusion of the accommodation contract LODGE Berlin freezes the deposit of 300 EUR on the guests credit card upon arrival. In case there was no damage done and the terms and conditions have not been violated the deposit will automatically released after 14 days. Otherwise the corresponding amount for fixing the damage done will be retained from the deposit by LODGE Berlin.
Should the guest pay the deposit in cash a handling fee of 15 EUR (incl. VAT) will be charged. The deposit will be wired back on the guests bank account within 10 days after departure. Therefore an email with the guests international bank details (BIC and IBAN) must be sent to LODGE Berlin.
In case of damages through destruction or loss of fitment or objects of utility, crass impureness, moving furniture, violation of the non-smoking rule or the like the whole or part of the deposit, according to the damage done, will be deducted. (See also § Damages in apartments or the premises)


If the guest does not make use of the apartment or cancel the reservation despite an active reservation the following cancellation fees apply – no matter due to what reasons:

Within 14 days prior to day of arrival: 50 % of entire sum Within 5 days prior to day of arrival: 80 % of entire sum Within 48 hours prior to day of arrival and no-show: 90 % of entire sum

Cancellation has to be announced in writing (by email or fax).
Cancellation fees do not apply if the apartment or room can be rented out with at least the same conditions. Cancellation fees will be reduced to the amount that can be earned by renting out the cancelled lodgings during the time they were ordered. The guest has to prove that LODGE Berlin had to sustain less damage.

Number of persons

Those conditions regarding to price and number of persons are valid that were agreed upon within the reservation. In case of arrival of more persons than agreed, additional 25 EUR per person and night will be charged. Unannounced guests cannot claim the right of accommodation.
In case of arrival of less persons than agreed, the appointed overall sum applies.
Unapproved accommodation of external guests can be punished with instant dismissal or double of the daily rent per apartment.

Nighttime Peace

Please respect our neighbours and keep the peace at night from 9 pm to 9 am. In case of disregarding this rule you will be asked to leave the apartment without any refund of the payed total for your stay.

Terms of use for WiFi Internet Access

Internet access is provided in all apartments (except of studio Dunckerstraße 75) via WiFi.
This services is provided free of charge for the apartments in Gabriel-Max-Straße. A claim cannot be asserted.
Claims in case of technical problems are also excluded.

For the use of WiFi in the apartments in Boxhagenerstraße 53 a onetime fee of 5 EUR per stay and apartment will be charged.

The guest agrees not to use the WiFi access provided by LODGE Berlin neither for distribution nor for accessing illegal or unlawful information on the internet nor for other improper use.
Documents, programs or images that violate privacy, copyright or penal provisions and those that contain abusive, anti-constitutional, racist, sexist, content inappropriate for minors, por-nographic or otherwise illegal content are not allowed to be accessed, created or saved through the internet access provided by LODGE Berlin.
The use or operation of file-sharing services is also prohibited.
The abuse of online services by entering false personal data or by entering data from other persons is prohibited. The normal data transfer between the guest´s portable terminal and the access gateway is not encoded. Therefore it is not impossible that third parties gain unautho-rized access to the transmitted data. LODGE Berlin does not assume liability for any consequences of a possible skimming or data espionage.

Obligatory arrival and departure time

An apartment or room is accessible for the guest-by prior agreement – at the earliest by 12 am. Latest by 3 pm it will be cleaned and ready for occupancy. On the day of departure the apartment has to be left latest at 11 am.


Up to 3 people in one apartment receive one set of keys upon arrival (entrance door of the house, door to apartment and where applicable to room), for up to 6 people 2 sets are handed out and for 7 or more persons 3 sets will be given to the guests.All keys have to be returned to the kiosk or – for departure before 9 am – have to be left in the apartments. In case of loss, 60 EUR per set of keys will be charged.
It is subject to the guest to prove that none or significantly less damage was caused.

Keys Boxhagener Straße 53

Regarding the apartments in Boxhagenerstraße 53 it is important to know that the doors cannot be opened anymore from outside when keys are left in the lock from inside. The costs for the lock smith (69 – 110 EUR) will be charged to the guest, as well as the costs for our staff (30 EUR between 8 pm and 9 am). The loss of each key will be charged with 100 EUR.

Final cleaning

The price of the final cleaning is included in the overall price at a minimum stay of 2 nights.
Should the final cleaning of the apartment due to crass littering / pollution, loads of undone dishes, moved furniture and the like
take longer than 2 hours LODGE Berlin reserves the right to additionally charge the costs for extra cleaning expenses for 20 EUR per hour.
If staying only one night, 50 EUR are be charged for the cleaning.
For stays for more than 7 nights an obligatory intermediate cleaning (including change of bed linen and towels) becomes due. The intermediate cleaning will be done in about the middle of the stay and coordinated with the guest. It is usually proceeded between 11 am and 3 pm.
Hence, for longer stays every 7 nights intermediate cleanings are due.
The prices correspond to the category of rooms.
Studio = 36,00 EUR, 2-room-apartment = 48,00 EUR, 3-room-apartment Small = 54,00 EUR, 3-room-apartment Large = 66,00 EUR.

Damages in apartments or the premises

Guest have to handle the apartment, furnishing and all fitment or objects of utility with care. Damages and deficiencies have to be communicated to LODGE Berlin immediately. Guests are liable for all for damages caused by them. They are also liable for loss of rent due to the damages they are responsible for.
The person who caused damages in apartments or premises is liable for all accompanying persons, too. Guests who cause damages at the building or inventory will be asked for compensation within the frame of legal appropriateness.
Damages and deficiencies of fitment or objects of utility that already exist at arrival of the guest, have to be communicated to LODGE Berlin immediately. LODGE Berlin assumes responsibility to repair demages immediately.

Additional services and amenities

Additional services will be agreed upon and calculated seperately between LODGE Berlin and the customer. Those particularely are extra cleaning during the stay, change of linen or laundry service.

Domestic animals
Pets can only be brought upon agreement and at the additional price of 50 EUR per night. Dogs cannot be left in the apartment by themselves.

Customer data

Data related to the individual customer will only be collected within the frame of legal obligations. They only will be accessible to third parties if this is necessary for the contract arrangement.

Court of jurisdiction and severability clause

Court of jurisdiction – for claims regarding to this contract or it´s existence – is where the apartment is found and the service is performed.
In case that one or several clauses of these terms and conditions should become invalid, none of the other clauses will be affected.
Interpretation and doubts about the English version
In case of any doubts about interpretaion of or any content of the conditions described in this contract, the German version is valid and applies.

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